Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oreo Truffles


Making Oreo Truffles with the Mrs before I head back to school tomorrow. Here are my wife's secrets to making perfect Oreo truffles


1 Package Oreos (brand name)

1 Brick Philadelphia Cream Cheese (brand name ONLY)

1 Bag (11.5oz) Hershey's Milk Chocolate Chips

1 Tsp Cooking Oil

Directions, Part I

Blend Oreos and cream cheese until completely black

Ball up into teaspoon size balls

Stick a toothpick in to each ball

Directions, Part II

Place in freezer until frozen all the way through (~30 minutes)

Melt Hershey's chocolate in a bowl

Add a little oil

Roll the truffle in the melted chocolate, using the toothpick as a handle

Placed the truffle on wax paper

Place in freezer for approximately 5 minutes

Remove truffles from freezer and remove toothpick

Use additional melted chocolate to cover the hole where the tooth pick was

Place back in freezer until chocolate hardens


Friday, December 26, 2014

A Sailor's Christmas

christmas0For most of my life, the Christmas season has been about exchanging gifts (and family, too!).  My perspective on Christmas shifted radically after the birth of my daughter, though, as I cared less about receiving gifts and just having a day off from work and being with my family.

Now as I celebrate this Christmas as a sailor in the US Navy, my perspective has been shifted even more radically. I was truly blessed to have this leave time where I could come home and be with all of my family. I know that this is a rare exception as I just graduated boot camp. This time next year I'll most likely be out to the fleet (depending on the length of my A school) and I'll inevitably be out on a deployment.

Whoever thought simply being home for the holidays would be considered a luxury?