Friday, September 26, 2014

I'm not impressed by Ello or their "manifesto"

Today I've been seeing the term 'Ello' all over my Facebook feed, and I just discovered it's a new social network being touted as the "Anti-Facebook."

On their website, they list a manifesto (ooooooohhhh!) and declare their service "Simple, beautiful & ad-free." However, in 2010 MetaFilter user blue_beetle made a comment that would be literally be circulated around the Internet millions of times: "if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold." Think about it - how can a service as Tumblr or now Ello be completely no-cost and ad-free? Surprise! They sell your information to advertisers.

As for Ello, I don't think I'll be quick to register an account. It seems like a counter culture social network trying too hard to be or Tumblr - and what's with that hideous courier font? I'll pass.

These companies trying to reinvent the social network wheel are failing to realize one massive aspect of Facebook: Everyone and their mother are on Facebook. My 65 year old mother is active on Facebook and even uploads photos with witty comments from her iPhone. We have almost a decade of memories, photos, and stories on Facebook. Why would I throw all that a way for a new service which none of my family is using or will ever use?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Panoramio Will Be Replaced By Google Maps Views

After starting several discussions in various Google Groups and pestering the devs on Twitter and Google+ (sorry guys!), I've finally gotten some clarification on what will be happening to Panoramio. Last week Google announced that they would be expanding the Maps Views service to include geotagged photos. This immediately made me wonder what would happen to Panoramio, a photo sharing and geotagging service acquired by Google in 2007.

Product manager Evan Rapoport recently posted in the Panoramio support forum, saying this:

Over the past year, we've developed a similar community in Views, which lets you publish geo-relevant content (photo spheres and traditional photography) on Google Maps. In the future, we plan to migrate Panoramio into Views, creating one destination where you can publish and peruse imagery from around the globe. Before migrating any imagery, we'll make sure that Views reaches a level of feature maturity that supports the needs of the community.

So, we will have to wait and see how this one plays out. I predict Google will continue to bolster Google Maps Views and will isolate Panoramio as a standalone service that may or may not die out some day.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Panoramio vs Google Maps Views

I just tried to start a discussion on the Google Maps Views community page:

So now that Google Maps / Views is displaying your public geotagged photos, it begs the question - what purpose does +Panoramio serve? Both services include your photos in Google Maps so what happens if you upload the same photo on Panoramio and Google Maps? Which photo does Google show?

AAHHH these are the questions that infuriate me. Why does Google have to have so many duplicate and/or overlapping services?

Note: I've tried posting this same question in many different arenas and have gotten no help whatsoever. Here are the links to those threads:

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Google Maps Support Forums
Google Maps Views Community
Google+ Support Community

I've even tweeted some of the developers behind Panoramio and Google Maps and have not gotten a reply from any of them.