Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bluff Point State Park

After six months of living apart, my wife recently joined me here in Connecticut and we've already begun checking out what the greater New London area has to offer. This past weekend we decided to check out Bluff Point State Park as it's one of the few public beaches that doesn't charge an obscene price to park (it's free!). What we discovered is that it's no ordinary beach where you park and you're on sand after walking a few meters. It's actually a hiking and jogging trail, and you have to walk about half a mile before you get to the actual beach area. We ended up walking the entire loop, which according to rough estimates is about 3.6 miles. I took some photos as it was a beautiful day, despite being somewhat cold out (~40 plus wind chill).   Overall, it's a very nice trail to run, walk, or bike on and the trail is mostly even (no major ruts). There were no extremely steep grades. If I had to guess I'd say the steepest grade was about 8 degrees. Here's some highlights: