Sunday, September 14, 2014

Panoramio vs Google Maps Views

I just tried to start a discussion on the Google Maps Views community page:

So now that Google Maps / Views is displaying your public geotagged photos, it begs the question - what purpose does +Panoramio serve? Both services include your photos in Google Maps so what happens if you upload the same photo on Panoramio and Google Maps? Which photo does Google show?

AAHHH these are the questions that infuriate me. Why does Google have to have so many duplicate and/or overlapping services?

Note: I've tried posting this same question in many different arenas and have gotten no help whatsoever. Here are the links to those threads:

Panoramio Support Forum
Google Maps Support Forums
Google Maps Views Community
Google+ Support Community

I've even tweeted some of the developers behind Panoramio and Google Maps and have not gotten a reply from any of them.